This rose was adapted from this wonderful site: "The BlackRose"

Grahix by Lacey

to my home on the NET.  From here you 
can enter all kinds of worlds !

I am sure you will enjoy yourself 
once you open these doors to my world!
There is just so much to do and see!
There are games and stories, and..
WAIT..why not go in and see for
yourself?   *wink*

Some of my pages may take a minute 
to load, but they are worth the wait.  *S*

Also, if you see any broken links, PLEASE let
me know. My server recently moved and some
of my graphics disappeared in their move. :(
I have found a number of them missing and
was able to replace them, hopefully before any
of you went without them! But I am sure 
there may be some lurking around that I may
have missed. Thank you very much for this help!

The only criteria there is to be allowed 
entrance into my site is this:

You MUST want to enjoy yourself!

If you passed that test, then please 
proceed with fun in mind :)

Come back soon and tell your friends about me too. 
I'd love to show them around!



What Happened Today In History?


Here is something to think about as you venture into my area:
"Life's Unanswered Questions"







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